In response to a freedom of information request, the National Records Office of Scotland says that the General Register Office for Scotland (GROS) does not not have a view on whether sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, intimidation by dogs and the enforcement of stress positions are human rights abuses.

GROS obviously doesn’t know right from wrong. Continue reading »

Register Office, EdinburghOn Friday 15 April a delegation from Scotland Against Criminalising Communities handed in a warning letter to Scotland’s Registrar General asking him to make clear that he is opposed to torture and to cruel or degrading treatment and that he recognises the abusive nature of the Abu Ghraib prison regime in which census contractor CACI was involved. Continue reading »

The Register Office (GROS) has sent warning letters to a number of people. The letters are addressed to named individuals and say “you have indicated that you are unwilling to fill in your Census questionnaire.” Some of the people who have received these letters have not in fact indicated any such thing and have not been visited by census enumerators. The use of these warning letters appears to be a departure from GROS’s normal follow-up process. Continue reading »

Please raise Scotland’s census scandal with your election candidates. Continue reading »

Press Release from Scotland Against Criminalising Communities (SACC)
Tuesday 5 April 2011

Census Scandal – John Swinney acting as “spokesperson for CACI”

“CACI is  involved in our census because of a failure of political will on the part of the Scottish Government. The result is that a Scottish Government minister is now talking like a spokesperson for CACI.”

Holyrood finance minister John Swinney, in a letter sent last week to Malcolm Chisholm (then MSP for Edinburgh North and Leith), has ducked the issue of whether defence contractor CACI could have been excluded from Scotland’s census because of its record of involvement in human rights abuses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Continue reading »

Scotland’s census will be continuing for many weeks after “Census Day” (Sunday 27 March). Reminders from the Register Office will be going out soon. If you haven’t yet filled in your census from, here are 7 reasons to do so:
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The Sunday Herald, 27 March 2011

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Thousands of people say they will boycott the census because of Iraq abuse claims against the parent company of a data processing firm

CAMPAIGNERS vowing to boycott today’s census over its ties to a firm implicated in the Abu Ghraib torture scandal in Iraq are unlikely to face prosecu­tion, according to the man in charge of today’s population count.

In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Herald, Duncan Macniven, the Registrar General for Scotland, said secur­ing prosecutions against census dodgers was a “bore” and admitted only enough fines were given out to act as a deterrent. Continue reading »

by (Dr) Alistair Duff
University Lecturer and Writer on Information Policy

March 27 is Census Day, but I and others (e.g. Scotland Against Criminalising Communities, Count Me Out) are refusing to co-operate — on conscientious grounds.

This is because the General Register Office for Scotland has used CACI (UK), part of American company CACI International, to produce the printed and online census forms. Continue reading »

People will be demonstrating in unprecedented numbers in London today, Saturday 26 March, to defend jobs and public services. The General register Office of Scotland (GROS) says the census is essential for planning public services. But public services won’t sprout from the database. The way to defend public services is to fight for them. We should begin our defence of public services by defending the census from the arms and intelligence industry.  Keep the Con-Dem axe-men, the arms dealers and the spooks away from our services – About the demonstration

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The London Guantánamo Campaign is concerned about the involvement in the upcoming UK-wide Census of two private companies that were contracted to carry out coercive prisoner interrogations at the notorious US military detention facilities at Guantánamo Bay and Abu Ghraib, Iraq. Continue reading »

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