Glasgow Sheriff Court

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2pm Monday 14 May, Glasgow Sheriff Court (intermediate diet)
10am Tuesday 15 May, Glasgow Sheriff Court (trial diet)

Barbara Dowling is being charged under the Census Act, accused of not filling in her census form properly.

Please try to come along to the intermediate diet on Monday, as well as being ready to come along to the full trial if it goes ahead as scheduled on Tuesday. Even if you can only come for a short time, please come and show your support outside the court.

Important issues about how the case will be handled (including whether Barbara’s lawyer will be able to call witnesses in her defence) will be decided at the intermediate diet. A good show of support will make it more likely that the court will give Barbara the opportunity to mount a just and effective defence.

Many Scots failed to complete their census forms last year in protest at the involvement in the census of CACI Ltd, a UK subsidiary of a US company implicated in serious human rights abuses at Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq in 2003-2004. Many tens of thousands of Scottish households failed to return a census form. But Barbara is one of just 5 people to have been taken to court over Scotland’s census. Selective enforcement of the law is unacceptable. The charges should be dropped.

“The Scottish government, and any government with a principled stance, should not be going near any firm with such associations, even indirectly. The government is opening itself up to significant and justified protest. Ordinary members of the public could refuse to have anything to do with the census. A boycott is something to be considered. It would be a legitimate step. We cannot ignore our principles.” – Solicitor Advocate John Scott, 2008

“Now it seems the Scottish government is already closing its eyes to what is going on overseas. Would we say it was OK if a firm connected to Mugabe was hired to run our census? It is unacceptable that they have been hired. This will horrify most ordinary people It is unacceptable that the Scottish government should be selling its soul to an organisation accused of torturing human beings.” – Solicitor Aamer Anwar, 2008

Background to the case

Barbara’s trial was initially scheduled for 26 January 2012, but the Procurator Fiscal asked for the trial to be delayed, against Barbara’s wishes.

On 19 March 2012 Barbara was sentenced in Dumbarton Sheriff Court to 3 months in jail for painting “political graffiti” on the walls of the court following a 2010 trial in which she felt the court had refused to give serious consideration to international law regarding the illegality of the Trident nuclear weapon system. She was released earlier this month.

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  1. Best wishes for hourable discharge.

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