Glasgow census trial adjourned

Photo copyright © the justified sinner Barbara Dowling’s trial for alleged non-compliance with the census, scheduled for today, Tuesday 25 September, has been adjourned due to lack of court time until 10am 19 February 2013, in Glasgow Sheriff Court (court 16). Census prosecution of less than 1 in 37,000 is “persecution, not prosecution” Just 5 people have been prosecuted over the census – a prosecution rate of less than one in 37,000. This is so gross an imbalance that SACC believes that proceedings against the five amount to persecution, not prosecution… “CACI has so far escaped any legal sanction over its involvement in torture at Abu Ghraib. Even if the lawsuits currently proceeding against CACI are eventually successful, CACI will still have avoided having to answer for its actions under criminal law. Yet Barbara Dowling is being accused of a criminal offence because she allegedly left some blank spaces on her census form. Scotland’s legal system is on the brink of making a fool of itself. The charges should be dropped.” – SACC Press Release

Is objecting to torture a crime?

“As everyone knows, soldiers and civilian contractors at the Abu Ghraib prison committed criminal offenses,” says New York Times editor, Andrew Rosenthal. So why have no Abu Ghraib contractors faced prosecution? And why is a Glasgow woman facing criminal charges for objecting to the involvement of Abu Ghraib contractor CACI in Scotland’s census? Barbara Dowling will be tried in Glasgow Sheriff Court on Tuesday 25 September, accused of committing a criminal offence under the Census Act 1920. She allegedly refused to fully complete her census form last year in protest at the involvement in Scotland’s census of a British subsidiary of US defence contractor CACI International.

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