Please raise Scotland’s census scandal with your election candidates.

Irrespective of whether candidates support our tactic of non-cooperation with the census, please ask them, as a minimum, to:

  1. Make it clear that they agree that CACI is unfit to work for Scotland’s census because of its involvement in Abu Ghraib, because of its insistence that there was nothing wrong in that, and because of its continuing efforts to avoid accountability by claiming immunity as a US Government contractor.
  2. Pledge to do all they can, if elected, to secure a comprehensive investigation into why CACI was awarded the contract and whether the General Register Office of Scotland made full use of every avenue open to it under EU procurement rules to keep CACI out of our census.
  3. Pledge to do all they can, if elected, to ensure that future public procurement decisions incorporate human rights principles and reflect the values of Scotland’s people to the maximum extent possible within the framework of EU procurement rules.

EthicalCensus and SACC are not aligned with any political party. Our supporters include supporters of various parties and none. We welcome support from candidates from any party (except for racist and fascist parties) on any matter that we campaign over.

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