CACI has a long history of trying to silence media coverage of its activity.
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CACI International has done everything in its power to minimise public awareness of its role at Abu Ghraib. One of the lawsuits against CACI alleges that “CACI has been an ongoing part of this conspiratorial campaign to prevent the truth about the torture, and CACI’s participation, from ever being known to the public” and that “CACI embarked upon a campaign of intimidation to suppress any coverage or investigation of their role in the conspiracy.

When the award of the census contract to CACI in 2008 was greeted with a public outcry, CACI’s lawyers sent threatening letters to the Sunday Herald, the Stop the War Coalition and Scotland Against Criminalising Communities (SACC). The Sunday Herald and SACC stood by their stories, and no legal action followed. But subsequent media coverage has been minimal and oddly accident-prone. An article in published in the Observer on 6 March mysteriously lost its beginning, which should have appeared on the front page (the full article can be read online). Advertisements publicising CACI’s role at Abu Ghraib have been oddly hard to place.

This isn’t just about CACI. It’s about a much wider struggle to bring torture and abuse into the open and to hold the perpetrators to account. And it’s about freedom of expression. We urgently need your help to get word out.

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